Places In Antioch Tennessee You Need To See

If you have already been to Nashville multiple times, and you have seen all of the top attractions, you may want to visit a slightly different area. There are many suburbs of Nashville and neighborhoods that you could visit. One of those is Antioch. People that decide to go to this location are often very happy about what they see. It is a location that may not receive the press that Nashville does, but it certainly have something to offer. These of the places in Antioch Tennessee that you will certainly want to visit at least once the next time you are there.

Nashville Flea Market

Once you arrive in Antioch, you might want to unwind. One of the best ways is to go to a flea market. In most cases, people are ready to purchase something. It could be keepsakes to remind them of their vacation. Most of the items that the flea market are going to be extremely unique. You may only be able to get them in this area of the state. If you spend a few hours there, you will likely come back with some of the most useful items doing nothing more than walking around this flea market. If you are not into flea markets, then you may want to consider water-based activities during the warmer months.

Music City Jet Bikes

Water-based activities are also extremely popular near Antioch. The Cumberland River is not that far away. Although it does wind directly through Nashville, you are just south of it, and you can take advantage of the water sports provided by Music City Jet Bikes. You are going to get on what amounts to be a bike that is attached to a jet ski. You are going to have the time of your life, moving up and down over the surface of the water, allowing you to have a lot of fun.

Keep in mind that these activities are typically only available outside of the winter months. During the winter time, they might be close down. Therefore, it’s important to travel when it’s warmer which could be spring, summer or autumn. These are all of the months where you will experience the best weather. If you want to travel to Antioch, book a flight for Nashville and head south from there. You will be pleasantly surprised with all of the fun filled experience as you will have in this neighborhood in Tennessee.